A Vicious Fawn
A Vicious Fawn


What happens if you scale down an alternative rock band to a singer and a guitar player, steal the guitar player's electric guitar and replace it by a western guitar? You reduce it to the core and get more than before!

This was the basic idea behind a "A Vicious Fawn", which was 2012 founded by Beatrice Tenge and Piet Tiedemann as a music and artist project. Before both were engaged in several different bands, music and cultural projects

"We soon found out our music is more than putting together a voice and a guitar. There was something special from the beginning, now we both performed in a different, much better way. People, who listened to our music, often described it as having some special kind of soul."

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Previous Concerts

  • 2017, April, 1st - SmuX, Geesthacht, Germany
  • 2016, November, 17th - BeLaMi, Hamburg Bergedorf, Germany
  • 2016, June, 18th - Private Party, Mückenbach, Kollow, Germany
  • 2016, June, 12th - Jam Session, Art'aska, Silves, Portugal
  • 2016, June, 7th - Restaurante O Gralha, Vale Fuzeiro - Algarve, Portugal
  • 2016, January, 5th - Restaurante O Gralha, Vale Fuzeiro - Algarve, Portugal
  • 2015, December, 10th - "Christmas Affairs", Club am Donnerstag, Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany
  • 2015, July, 3rd - Lokal Runde, LOLA, Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany
  • 2015, April, 18th - Bühne frei, Baladin, Hamburg, Germany
  • 2015, January, 6th , Restaurante O Gralha, Vale Fuzeiro - Algarve, Portugal
  • 2014, December, 11th - Christmas Affairs, MS Marylou, Hamburg, Germany
  • 2014, May, 1st - Straßenfest Am Brink, Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany
  • 2013, October 6th, O'Gradys 12 Bar, Silves - Algarve, Portugal
  • 2013, October 5th, Festival Obrigado Portugal, Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal
  • 2013, October 1st , Restaurante O Gralha, Vale Fuzeiro - Algarve, Portugal